Erik Lake – Twins/Karamja – TERM011


september 2nd, 2014


Another quality release from Erik Lake on TERM011 with “Twins” and “Karamja”. A perfect release for the deeper progressive people who like their tracks deep and atmospheric with a quality groove.

Lots of support on this one as always from the likes of Luke Porter, Matt Appleton, Ingo Vogelmann, Deepsense, Ethereal MIst, Stiven Rivic, Mariano Favre, Samotarev, Soulfinder, Suffused, Andrew Best, Tom Carle, Stas Drive, Lonya, d-phrag, Jon Sinclair, Aaron Lee, Robert Knight, PatriZe, Chris.Z, Bee, Ivelgo, Saidin, Curt Caris, DJ SlanG, Oscar Vazquez, Herc Kass, Daraspa, tim benjamin, Fernando Ferreyra, Jonathan Wilde, DJ Elsloo, DJ Fiacxa, Progress Inn, Placid, Sasha Le Monnier, Chris.Z, Nikko.Z, DJ Jota, Northern Monkey, Faskil, Andy Newland, Dmitry Molosh, Michael Gin, Matt Appleton, Vinayak A and many more.



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